Home Birth


Emma gave birth at home after two previous caesars.

Emma's homebirth after two caesars

I have had two “failure to progress” labours leading to two emergency c-sections. My third time around I was aiming for, and achieved, a HBA2C (home birth after two caesars)!

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Baby Mason homebirthed in September 2008. Image: Fiona Colvin

Home births in jeopardy

Home births could be pushed underground in "fragile, secretive arrangements" after a federal review rejected funding for the practice, an academic says.

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Homebirth of Mason

Birthing your baby at home

Homebirth is increasingly being spoken about as an alternative to hospital birth, however it remains a less common choice for birth, with the majority of Australian women birthing in hospital. So why are some women deciding to birth at home?

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Independent midwives and homebirth

A homebirth is an option for low risk pregnancies, but it will still depend on how your pregnancy progresses, and any other medical and safety considerations.

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