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"I wanted to follow my inner guidance and not be affected by other people's opinions, ideas, or beliefs about what they ...

Free-birthing on the rise

It’s a controversial practice that has been branded both dangerous and irresponsible, but there's a growing trend among Australian women who are choosing to birth at home, free from any medical intervention or assistance.

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Adoption activists say only a small proportion of adoptees who search for their birth mothers are unable to locate them.

Study delivers good news for home births

Doctors and midwives say more women should be given access to publicly funded home births with hospital back-up after a study found they were associated with low rates of harm for women and their babies.

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Erin Quinn, with her youngest daughter, Samara, who was born at home in Sydney.

Trauma pushes mothers to home births

Women are turning their backs on the health system after being traumatised by childbirth in hospitals, according to a new paper from University of Sydney researchers.

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Coroner's findings ... If a new recommendation goes ahead, women may have to register if they choose to birth at home.

Coroner's findings renew homebirth debate

South Australian deputy coroner Anthony Schapel this week ruled that it was a "matter of certainty" that three babies who died after homebirths would have lived if they'd been born in hospital, bringing more attention to an already fierce debate.

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Water birth

Home birth: what mums-to-be need to know

As a mum I have always been quite definite about the type of birth experience that I wanted to have and I was privileged to be able to avail myself of that choice. Here is what you need to know about choosing a home birth.

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My lotus homebirth

EB member Michelle shares the birth story of her daughter Pepper, born at home.

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Homebirth mothers being refused prescriptions

Doctors, fearing they will be sued, are refusing to prescribe drugs or order tests for women who want to give birth at home, and this is forcing mothers to give birth in hospitals or putting lives at risk, midwives say.

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Claire Mannion gave birth at home to son Bailey, 12 weeks old.

Home birth program that delivers

It took Bailey Mannion only 75 minutes to slip calmly into the world, amid the comforts of his own loungeroom, unaware he was quietly making history.

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Justine Caines with her twin daughters Majella and Rosie at their home in Scone - Muswellbrook Hospital has said she ...

Push against home births

Proposed laws which would stop mothers accessing registered midwives for home births would jeopardise the health of thousands of women and babies, a peak maternity group says.

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