Woman's story goes viral after giving birth on international stop over

Tia Freeman told her unbelievable birth story on Twitter in a blow-by-blow account that had people riveted. Photo: ...
Tia Freeman told her unbelievable birth story on Twitter in a blow-by-blow account that had people riveted. Photo: Twitter.com/TheWittleDemon 

Women sometimes give birth in surprising places. We've covered births in cars, airplanes, supermarkets and even busy intersections in New York City.

This one, however, has to be in the running for longest, most unusual birth story ever.

Get ready for the rollercoaster ride of how Tia Freeman, 22, of Nashville Tennessee, came to birth her first child Xavier Ata in a hotel room in Turkey.

It all began with the following Tweet from Tia on April 25, when prompted to share her birth story. We don't think anyone had any idea of the magnitude of the story to come.

The first whammy is that Tia only discovered she was pregnant in January, when she had already entered the third trimester. She had been on birth control that made her period intermittent and says she 'didn't really gain any weight.'

She then says that she went into a month of denial and was working away from home with the US Airforce so decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy.

She had booked a flight to Germany to visit a friend a while before she discovered the pregnancy.

"So I had already purchased tickets for a vacay in Germany and ya girl was not about to waste international flight money. So I was like if the boy comes on time I should be all good in the hood. So I came home for two seconds before hopping on the my flight to Germany."

Being a vegetarian, the only meal options on the flight were meat or salmon, so she opted for the fish hoping her body wouldn't react to the unfamiliar food. Not long afterwards she experienced intense cramping and she mistakenly thought she had food poisoning.


Tia manages to sleep a little on the flight but then encounters the worst airport lines ever upon landing in Istanbul Turkey, where she was to stop over for 17 hours.

"I'm literally gripping the railing trying to make it through the lines. At this point I feel like I'm about to pass out. I'm sweating. I feel like I have to vomit. I'm going through it. Then I'm like wait a minute b*%$#h are you in labour?!"

She manages to psych herself into holding on until she gets to the hotel, where Google Doctor tells her she's in active labour. She locates a YouTube video to guide her then runs a bath in which to birth her baby.

"It's weird how focused a person becomes when they're adrenaline starts going. Because at no point ever did I freak out. Like I just did what I had to do."

With contractions a minute apart, Tia describes the moment Xavier entered the world.

After passing the placenta and putting it into a hotel sanitary bag, Tia then had to work out how to cut the umbilical cord.

Tia says she carried a knife with her in her suitcase so she followed another YouTube video and cut that cord like a professional.

That not where the story ends either. Tia decides the best people to ask about what to do are the people at the airport, so she makes her way there the following morning. At first she's met with suspicion of being a human trafficker so the authorities have her checked over for signs of having just given birth.

Of course she proves to be legit and the Turkish press turns up in droves to celebrate this resourceful young woman.

If you've got a spare half hour to marvel over the blow-by-blow account, go over to Tia's Twitter feed to read all of the juicy details. She says not even her mother knew she had given birth when she arrived back in the US.

We're not surprised really. Tia had a lot going on.