New baby joy for mum whose son choked on bouncy ball

The Small Folk/Anna Davis/Instagram
The Small Folk/Anna Davis/Instagram Photo: The Small Folk/Anna Davis

The death of three-year-old Alby Davis made headlines in February, after he choked on a rubber bouncy ball he had been playing with.

Sympathy poured in for the family, in particular mother Anna Davis who frantically tried to save her son at their Tasmanian home, the boy passing away in her arms. 

Anna was 25 weeks pregnant with her fourth child when the tragedy occurred and she has shared the news that the baby has arrived safely.

Posting a photo to Instagram, she wrote alongside, "How blessed we are to welcome our fourth babe and third cherished son, Arnhem Oak, born lovingly at home this morning."

It has undoubtedly been a very challenging four months for the family, with Anna posting about Alby Fox several times since the accident that claimed his life.

She recently shared with followers, the very particular grief of being pregnant through the trauma of losing a child.

"While paramedics fought to bring our precious Alby back from the heavens, I knelt by his side, with his hand clutched in my own, as our unborn babe kicked inside my womb. And in that moment, the overwhelming contrast of life and death reared its ugly beauty in a way I never conceived possible."

She continued, "The last few days have been spent swimming through a tidal wave of grief, grappling with the almost incomprehensible thoughts of one sweet life slipping through our fingers only four months ago, while physically and mentally preparing to guide our next little starling into the universe.

Sometimes this grief is raw and unbridled and takes us all by surprise. And all that we can do is surrender, allow our tears to cleanse the fire, and then set it free."

In addition to Alby, baby Arnhem also has sister Sage and brother Acre.


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