Mum delivers 5kg baby at home - and her expression is priceless

Natalie delivered a 5kg baby - at home.
Natalie delivered a 5kg baby - at home. Photo: Facebook/ Laura Fifield Photography

US mum Natalie had a hunch that her baby was going to be a little on the larger side.

What the mama and her midwives didn't expect, however, was that bub would tip the scales at over 5kg. And the expression on her face is one of utter disbelief - and pure joy.

Photographer Laura Fifield captured the incredible image during Natalie's home birth.

"Yup," Ms Fifield wrote in a post to her Facebook page, "she did it, at home, no interventions, no internal exams, no complications ... and naturally delivered an 11lb 2oz (5.05kg) baby BOY!"

In a blog post, Ms Fifield described that Natalie's home birth took place in a candle-lit room. "Soft music was playing along with essential oils diffusing," she wrote. "Her birth space was serene and comforting."

The home birth was "family-centred", Ms Fifield continued, Natalie's two older children joining her, and her partner, to welcome their younger sibling into the world.

"Once he was out we could tell he was a little chunker!" she wrote, adding that Natalie and her husband were "immediately in love" with their new addition, Simon, whose gender was a surprise.

It wasn't until after mum and bub had spent time doing skin to skin and breastfeeding that they realised just how much of a "chunker" Simon actually was.

Writes Ms Fifield, "Imagine the surprise when [Natalie's] midwife announced 'He's 11lbs, 2oz Natalie!'. Oh my goodness, we were all shocked!"

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