Skin-to-skin contact following birth can have a positive impact on breastfeeding outcomes and cardio-respiratory ...

Making skin-to-skin after caesarean the norm

Despite its benefits, many women who have caesareans don't have skin-to-skin contact following the births of their babies - but there are ways to help increase your chances of it happening.

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Pressured and threatened: Rinat Dray is suing her doctors and hospital for malpractice.

Mum sues over forced c-section delivery

After two caesareans, Rinat Dray wanted to give birth naturally. The mum of three is now suing the hospital that she says forced her into a caesarean against her will.

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An elective caesarean saved my sanity

It's a divisive parenting debate that flares up often: natural childbirth versus an elective caesarean. But for me, there was only one option that would help my physical and mental wellbeing intact.

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Welcome, little one ... Kiran and her new daughter after her caesarean birth.

My planned caesarean

I know my decision won't be popular, but I believe that every woman has the right to choose how they have their baby. And my caesarean gave me the most control over how I felt about my body and my child's birth.

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Audrey Tamburini.

Caesareans up, but not at this hospital

Previously unreleased figures from the NSW Ministry of Health show the state caesarean rate rose to 31.3 per cent of women in 2011, but one hospital is bucking that trend.

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