Rebecca Judd encourages natural birth after 'horrific' caesarean with twin boys

Judd encourages natural birth

Rebecca Judd opens up about her "horrific" emergency caesarean birth of her twin boys and urges women, where possible, to give birth naturally.

There are many things Rebecca Judd loves.

Heck, the TV presenter, activewear mogul, soft furnishings stylist and speech pathologist, is so well-known for what she admires she named her popular blog, Rebecca Judd Loves. However, one thing that will never get a plug by the former AFL WAG is a caesarean section.

The mother of four has opened up about the "horrific" emergency caesarean birth of her twin boys, Tom and Darcy, to urge women, where possible, to give birth naturally.

Chris and Bec Judd welcomed their twin boys last year.
Chris and Bec Judd welcomed their twin boys last year. Photo: Instagram/@becjudd

"If you're thinking of an elective caesar but your baby is in a normal, natural position for a natural delivery, I'd go natural all the way," she said on her KIIS network show The 3PM Pick Up on Monday.

"Compared to having a natural delivery, it kills mate...It's horrific," she said. "Then when all your meds wear off later, the pain is excruciating."

Judd, delivered her other children, Oscar, 6, and Billie, 3, naturally and said she had a panic attack when giving birth last year. While the twins arrived safely, she now has a 12-centimetre "gnarly" scar near her pubic bone and a "ledge or sausage shelf" that she keeps in check with compression wear.

"Mate, it's horrific compared to having a natural delivery. It kills, it absolutely kills. The fact that you are awake in major abdominal surgery is mind boggling and freaky.

"I remember I was lying there on the operating table and I started pretty much having a panic attack, my heart was going nutso - I felt like it was jumping out of my chest.

"I remember the [anesthetist] saying: 'Whoa! You're skipping some heart beats here'. I don't want to hear that because then you think, 'Far out, am I going to die? What's going on?', Which is completely normal. I just had a massive panic attack, because it's all happening, there's people everywhere, there's these bright lights, I'm about to meet my twins. It was kind of an emergency caesar as I'd been stressed my whole pregnancy it was wild," she told her co-star Monty Diamond.

Despite the horror start, Judd claims having twins is the "best thing that's ever happened to me. I am the luckiest mum in the world".