Incredible video of baby 'popping out' during gentle caesarean

 Photo: Instagram/fertilugo

Every birth is a miracle and there is something totally amazing about seeing a baby come into the world, whether it be vaginally or via caesarean section. But these videos of babies being born via gentle caesareans will blow you away.

One clip posted on Instagram by a fertility doctor in Venezuela shows the amazing moment a baby "pops out" of the womb during delivery. The baby's head slowly squeezes its way through the incision and its gorgeous face pop out to greet the world.

A gentle caesarean is different to a regular caesarean. In this birth method, an incision is made, but instead of immediately removing the baby from the womb, they are delivered slowly. This gives the baby a chance to make its way somewhat independently and allows for the chest to be squeezed, so fluid is removed from the lungs, similar to vaginal births.

In this instance, the doctor made the incision and let the baby push its way out and the resulting video is mesmerising.

It is just one of the amazing clips shared on the doctor's Instagram page. Another shows a baby boy slowly wriggling free from the womb during delivery.