Birth Plan


It's very common to feel a little stressed in the lead-up to your baby's birth.

What to do if you are anxious about giving birth

It's very common to feel a little stressed in the lead-up to your baby's birth. The reality is one in four pregnant women – under that "pregnancy glow" - feel anxious about giving birth.

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pregnant belly

How to write a birth plan

There are so many forms to fill out during your pregnancy: from Medicare to Family Assistance Office forms, health insurance and hospital forms, life can seem like a constant procession of paperwork. But there's one document that's more interesting than most: your birth plan.

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Proud 'birthzilla' ... Prue and her husband pre-baby.

Birthzilla? Pass me the badge

A birth plan is about putting it in writing that a woman's body is to be treated with respect and dignity by her caregivers

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Skin-to-skin contact after birth may improve the breastfeeding relationship.

In defence of birth plans

Birthzillas, Bridezillas and perhaps all ‘Zillas’ are bad news. It’s amusing stuff, but the thing is, birth plans are helpful for many parents, and an increasing number of obstetricians and midwives request them. There are a number of reasons for this.

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Mia Freedman

Tales of the unexpected

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. If you want to make a midwife laugh, tell her your birth plan. I'd always mocked birth plans, even before having a baby myself and most certainly afterwards.

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Labouring woman

Are birth plans a waste of time?

As the final weeks of my pregnancy creep by it's time to pack my bags and contemplate going through labour again. But this time one part of my preparations will be missing. I won't waste my time writing a birth plan. Because I know now the idea that I have any control over how my labour goes is an absolute crock.

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