New mum nurse does her own 'new baby' checks after delivery

Photo Facebook Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography
Photo Facebook Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography  

A birth photographer has captured the beautiful moment, nurse and new mother Chelsea Herpstreith, performed her own newborn exam. 

Herpstreith from Missouri, US, delivered her son Julien in August of this year. Just an hour after he was born, the exhausted yet determined new mum performed the routine newborn exam on her own son, that she's done on hundreds of babies before.

As a nurse, Herpstreith is used to performing the exam - ensuring she checks each baby's heart rate, measures their head circumference, takes down their weight and puts their identification tags on. 

She had mentioned to her birth photographer Alexandria Mooney ahead of time that it was something she wanted to do for her own little one. "She told me she wanted to do her babe's newborn exam herself. I was like 'OMG THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING'", Mooney said in a Facebook Post where she shared the photographs. 

The new mum had spoken also to the hospital and nurses prior to birth, who were all on board with the plan. 

As Julien was cuddled into his mum during the exam, there was no need for a baby warmer machine and the nurses brought all of the equipment Herpstreith used straight to her. 

In the powerful photos, you can see the mum cutting the umbilical cord, stamping her son's feet onto his baby card and attaching his identification tag to his little foot.

Herpsteith seems very focused in the photos, ensuring she does everything by the book.

Her photographer revealed that there was one specific thing that she didn't do however, "This all feels so weird to do without gloves on!!". 

After photographing hundreds of births, Mooney admits this one was just that extra bit special for her, "It was truly a privilege to be invited into this birth space and get the honour of documenting mama checking out her brand new little boy".