First-time mum kicks husband out of the delivery room because he 'couldn't handle it'

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A frustrated woman has kicked her husband of the delivery room while she was giving birth, because he sent her "into full panic mode". 

The first-time mum took to Reddit to retell her dramatic birth story, that involved a full-blown argument with her husband - because he just couldn't "handle being in the delivery room". 

She started the post by explaining that her husband doesn't usually react well in stressful situations.

"Kevin is the type of person that gets stressed out easily and reacts to events negatively," she wrote.

Concerned about how he would behave, the mum-to-be told her husband ahead of the birth that if he didn't think he could handle the pressure, she could have her mum there to support her instead.

He insisted that he could contain his emotions "and promised to be supportive and positive". 

When the day finally came though, he cracked under the pressure and began to behave erratically during the labour. 

"He started moving around periodically completely ignoring me. He got more visibly stressed when my pain got intense. I saw his face, it was so red and there was a visible vein in his forehead that looked like it was about to blow up", she explained in the post. 

"He took my hand when I started having contractions and kept clutching it almost stopping blood circulation. My entire arm went numb I felt strained."


Regardless, the woman tried to ignore him and get on with the labour, though one particular moment pushed her over the edge

"Suddenly he started crying, like literally...sobbing really loud. This sent me into full panic mode. I found myself screaming telling him to stop several times and as a result he literally yelled back in my ear."

At that point the woman was so infuriated that she got the nurses involved. 

"I told her to get him out of there. He was pressured to leave the room." 

After welcoming her new daughter alone, the new mum revealed her husband was so upset he missed the birth that she didn't see him until the day she was discharged from hospital. 

"While I was resting he didn't show up. His mum kept calling to see where he was. She stayed with me."

Once she returned home, the husband lashed out, calling his wife "selfish and cruel" for robbing him of the opportunity to see his daughter and first child be born

"He said as a dad he should have liberty to be in the room no matter how he behaves and wether I like it or not," she wrote. 

Others were outraged at the husband's behaviour and the stress he put on his wife while she was in labour. 

"Not only did you not need him, he was upsetting you. That is the opposite of fulfilling your needs", one commented. 

Another couldn't believe he would ever put his wife and daughter at risk like that.

"Causing that much stress during a delivery is dangerous. And then to not be around during those early days? I'd call that objectively unforgivable."