Dad-to-be brings Xbox to delivery room to keep himself entertained while partner labours

Photo TikTok Anxiety Couple
Photo TikTok Anxiety Couple 

A soon-to-be mum has shared a video of her boyfriend keeping himself entertained by playing his X-box - while she is in labour.

In the video uploaded to her TikTok account Anxiety Couple, the woman captures herself laying down on the bed and says, "So I might go into labour today, and my boyfriend is doing this".

The video then pans over to her partner, who has connected the console to the small TV in the delivery room, and is playing Fortnite.

The woman asks him, "Babe, why did you bring your Xbox?" The man responds, "One game I promise", while continuing to play. 

She captioned the video "He's going to miss his son's birth due to that Xbox". 

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed over one million times, and users are divided as to whether the partner's actions were rude or justified. 

One dad was very disappointed in the decision, "I play games and to me this is just disrespectful, he's missing memories he should be having."

While a fellow mum didn't see a problem with it, "I honestly don't mind that at all! I told my husband to bring the Switch so we can play Mario Kart when I go into labour."

Another revealed she was actually the one playing while in labour, "My last pregnancy I made my husband bring my ps4 so I could play through contractions!". 

A few other users warned the mum that she may be welcoming a second gamer into the family, "The baby is gonna be a pro gamer the first minute he comes out!".