Rachel Browne

Rachel Browne

Rachel Browne is a Social Affairs Reporter for Fairfax Media

'I wanted to know what was going on during my daughter's birth'

Rachel Browne Preparing for the arrival of their first child should have been an exciting time for Kate and Anthony Hinton but things did not go as planned.

The team that runs for premature babies

running for prem babies

Rachel Browne When Sophie and Ash Smith lost their premature triplets in 2006, the couple were devastated. Since then, they've helped raise more than $1 million to help others like them.

The blood's in the bank

Donna-marie Macpanas with Husband Alan Herman.

Rachel Browne After 14 failed IVF attempts and two miscarriages, Arielle Herman's arrival didn't come easily. Her parents explain why they then decided to store her cord blood and tissue.

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Push to get new babies home in four hours

Fiona Lewis with her son, Jess.

Rachel Browne Hospital to home in four hours? It would have been unheard of a generation ago but in NSW maternity wards of the future, it is not unusual.