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Melanie is a staff writer for Essential Baby.

Couple shares beautiful photos of home birth

Melanie Mahoney In Brazil, more women are having caesareans - but one couple hopes to help change that with a new series of photos.

Twins become dads on same day


Melanie Mahoney Twin brothers have become dads on the same day - with their partners giving birth in the same hospital, with the same midwife, and even in the same birthing pool.

Born at 23 weeks, 'Chopstick Baby' survives first week

The baby weighed only 660g at birth.

Melanie Mahoney A baby who was born at 23 weeks has survived her first week of life outside the womb.

Mum and daughter have babies on same day


Melanie Mahoney "It's not really something you ever want or think could happen. To have my mum going through it with me is probably the most special, amazing thing ever.”

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European holiday one week, motherhood the next: student gives birth to surprise baby

Kate had few pregnancy symptoms and still fit into her size 6 clothes when heavily pregnant on her dream European trip.

Melanie Mahoney At 22, two years into a uni degree, Kate Hudson, took a dream trip around with Europe with friends. She didn't realise she was going to be a mum by the end of the month.

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Special delivery: mum gives birth in Coles

emily coles

Melanie Mahoney It hadn’t been on her shopping list, but one mum returned home from her trip to Coles with a very special item: a baby.

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Teddy bear meets best friend in sweet baby announcement

teddy bear

Melanie Mahoney Baby announcements don’t come much sweeter than this.

Dad surprises labouring partner with delivery room wedding


Melanie Mahoney A lot of things can go through a dad-to-be’s mind as his partner is in labour. But for James Anderson, there was just one thing he could think about: “We have to get married. NOW.”

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Woman gives birth in New York intersection

POlly mccourt

Melanie Mahoney The busy streets of Manhattan may be home to many strange and wonderful sights, but you don't expect to see a woman giving birth in the middle of a busy intersection.

Woman shares home birth story on Twitter, Facebook

Iorio baby

Melanie Mahoney A woman has shared her labour and home birth via social media – tweeted TMI details, gritty Facebook photos and all.

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'A onesie saved my son's life'

jessica wynter

Melanie Mahoney A woman has found a different use for her onesie when she gave birth in it, catching the baby in her pants leg in a hospital car park.

Baby comes 'back from the dead' after 10 hours in morgue


Melanie Mahoney A baby startled hospital workers when she seemed to come back to life after spending 10 hours in a morgue.

Video: Twins don't seem to realise they've been born


Melanie Mahoney In the first precious minutes after a set of twins are born, an amazing video shows them still clinging to each other as they may have in the womb.

Most baby photos online an hour after birth


Melanie Mahoney Two-thirds of newborns now appear online within 60 minutes of their birth, usually on Facebook, a new poll shows.

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Baby surprise for 60-year-old woman

lilabai oldest mum

Melanie Mahoney One woman had a very good reason to not realise she was pregnant - she gave birth to her fourth child when she was 60 years old.

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Kimye's baby name: are the rumours true?

kimye baby

Melanie Mahoney Kim Kardashian and her partner Kanye West have yet to reveal any details about their new daughter, but that hasn't stopped gossip sites from going into overdrive.

Czech mum to give birth to country's first quins


Melanie Mahoney Alexandra Kinova, a Czech mum of one, is preparing to give birth to the country's first set of quintuplets - and they were conceived without IVF.

Twins' first touch captured in sweet pic


Melanie Mahoney Danel and Maria Morales were just minutes old when they performed an act that has touched the hearts of people around the world.

The amazing story of twins born 87 days apart


Melanie Mahoney Amy and Katie Elliot are twins, but they don’t share a birthday. But it’s not only that – these little fighters were actually born an amazing 87 days apart.

The amazing story of twins born 87 days apart

Melanie Mahoney Amy and Katie Elliot are twins, but they don’t share a birthday. But it’s not only that – these little fighters were actually born an amazing 87 days apart.

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