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New drug to replace pethidine as birth pain relief

Julia Medew The use of pethidine to relieve pain during birth may be on its way out as a small but growing number of doctors recommend a more powerful opiate that appears safer for babies.

Study delivers good news for home births

Adoption activists say only a small proportion of adoptees who search for their birth mothers are unable to locate them.

Julia Medew Doctors and midwives say more women should be given access to publicly funded home births with hospital back-up after a study found they were associated with low rates of harm for women and their...

Pregnant women being turned away

Last year, Victorian Auditor General Des Pearson revealed more than 200 women had given birth at Sunshine's emergency department due to a shortage of space in its maternity unit.

Julia Medew Overwhelmed public maternity hospitals are rejecting bookings for pregnant women, forcing them to find hospitals further away or to switch to expensive private care.

Bystanders left holding the baby

surprise birth

Julia Medew Ambulance officers attend an average of four births every day in Victoria, but new data has shown that every year, about 190 women give birth with only the help of bystanders - and these often happen...

Dedicated midwives a boon to births: study

Laura Firth with her children Molly and Lucy.

Julia Medew Women who have one midwife caring for them during pregnancy are more likely to avoid medical interventions during labour including caesarean sections, Australian research has found.

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A question of delivery

Caesarean births a better option for mothers?


Julia Medew A controversial new study suggests caesarean births may be a better path for mothers and their babies.

Babies by the dozen but medic says home birth too risky

Monique Buggy with son, Jarrah, 7 months, who was born without complications at home.

Julia Medew More than 50 Victorian women have safely given birth at home this year as part of a state government-funded trial that provides hospital back-up.

Easing labour pain naturally

Birth de-briefing

Julia Medew Terrified by memories of her sister giving birth, Chantal Stravens learned hypnosis so she could stay calm during her own labour.