A woman gave birth on a train platform - fittingly, at Washington's L'Enfant station. Click for more photos

The most unusual places women have given birth

A woman gave birth on a train platform - fittingly, at Washington's L'Enfant station.

  • <b>LegoLand baby</b> Driving to hospital to deliver her baby four days after her due date, Janine Atkinson and her husband Daniel realised they weren't going to make it in time - so they pulled into the car park of LegoLand Windsor en route instead. Staff called an ambulance, but by the time they arrived it was too late - the baby, their fourth child, was arriving. "Going into LegoLand about to give birth is so surreal I just kept laughing - I thought if I keep laughing, I'll get through it," Janine said. "I will probably be taking him to LegoLand at some point in the future but I would have ideally waited until he was a little older." Baby Lucas was born healthy - and, as a bonus, has been given lifetime membership to the theme park.
  • <b>On a train platform</b> A woman gave birth to a baby on the platform at Washington's L'Enfant station on August 2. Shavonnte Taylor, 23, was waiting for a train when her waters broke, and her baby boy was delivered shortly afterwards, at around 11am. While in hospital recovering from the quick birth, the new mum was sent a $100 voucher to spend on future train travel with her son, who she named Amir. Both are reportedly doing well.
  • <b>At the zoo</b> A woman was visiting the Rosamund Grifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, in December 2012, when she <a href="http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/birth/birth-stories/woman-gives-birth-at-zoo-20121212-2b91e.html" target="_blank">went into labour unexpectedly</a>. Zoo workers were able to assist her as she gave birth to a baby girl on a pathway near the bear exhibit.
  • <b>In a helicopter</b> On December 10 2012, Iona Williamson went into labour on the UK island of Unst at 4.30am. With the next ferry not scheduled for several hours, a helicopter was called to transfer the woman to the local hospital, a 20-minute flight away. But minutes after getting in the chopper, the mum of three delivered her son. “We were 1000 feet up and moving at 150 miles per hour in the dark with all the noises of the helicopter,” <a href="http://www.scotsman.com/news/transport/air-male-baby-born-1-000ft-up-in-helicopter-1-2685884" target="_blank">the helicopter paramedic said</a>. “But it went very smoothly, and I’m delighted that mother and baby are both well.”
  • <b>Up a tree</b> When the people of Mozambique were affected by severe flooding in 2000, 26-year-old Sofia Pedro had no choice but to climb a tree for safety. The pregnant woman remained up the tree for three days, giving birth to daughter Rosita minutes before help arrived. As the duo was airlifted to safety, the baby was still attached by the umbilical cord.
  • <b>At her wedding</b> In July 2012, a French woman was posing for photos on the church steps after her wedding when <a href="www.essentialbaby.com.au/birth/birth-stories/bride-gives-birth-at-wedding-20120709-21qhh.html" target="_blank">she went into labour</a>; she gave birth inside the building before an ambulance could arrive. One month earlier, an English woman had gotten married, had her baby, then returned to see her guests at the reception.
  • <b>At Walmart</b> Brittany Miller, 21, was shopping at the North Ogden Walmart in 2006 with her grandmother when she felt the need to go the toilet - and despite not even knowing she was pregnant, she realised <a href="http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=344619" target="_blank">she was having a baby</a>. After passersby called for help, a worker from the local emergency response team (located across the road from the store) rushed to the rescue, grabbing towels from the shop for the woman to lie on, then shoelaces to tie the umbilical cord off. After the birth, Miller's grandmother had to be called over the store's PA - she'd been shopping the whole time. Baby Kailie - nicknamed 'Marty', for 'Walmart' - left for hospital in a Walmart beach towel.
  • <b> At a mechanic's shop</b> In May 2010, a pregnant woman took her car for a last-minute oil change before she gave birth - but then got more than she'd bargained for when she <a href="http://somervillenews.typepad.com/cambridge_news_weekly/2010/05/officer-assists-in-child-birth.html" target="_blank">went into labour while she was there</a>. The woman lay down in the back of a car in the parking lot at the Cambridge mechanic's, giving birth to a baby boy as a police officer arrived to assist. The police officer was able to remove a blockage that was stopping the baby from breathing, and mum and baby were then taken to hospital by ambulance.
  • <b>On a train </b> In October 2012, a pregnant woman was on a Philadelphia subway on her way to a doctor's appointment when she went into labour. A few stops later, with her newborn son wrapped in a jumper in her arms, she exited the subway to get help - with the umbilical cord still attached.
  • <b>In a war zone</b> A British solider gave birth while serving in Afghanistan in September 2012. Said to be in her 34th week of pregnancy when she had her baby, the woman only learn that she was pregnant when she went to the camp medic with stomach pains. The case led to military experts <a href="http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/pregnancy/pregnancy-nutrition-and-wellbeing/british-servicewoman-gives-birth-while-serving-in-afghanistan-20120921-26alp.html?rand=1355280924293" target="_blank">calling for pregnancy testing for all female soldiers before deployment</a>.
  • <b>In a plane toilet</b> A woman was 27 weeks pregnant when she went into labour while flying from Dubai to the Phillipines with her husband in September 2012. By the time a nurse could assist her, the 35-year-old had already <a href="http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/birth/birth-stories/woman-gives-birth-in-airplane-toilet-20120906-25g20.html" taregt="_blank">given birth inside the airplane toilet</a>. Airline staff kept the mother and baby warm with blankets and reading lights until the plane could land.
  • <b>In a MRI machine</b> In December 2010, an unnamed woman agreed to give birth in an MRI machine - all in the name of science. The woman had an epidural and was already fully dilated before entering the machine, and was reoved from it before the baby's head emerged. You can watch the resulting video <a href="www.essentialbaby.com.au/birth/labour/watch-baby-born-in-mri-machine-20120629-217pj.html" target="_blank">on our site</a>.
  • <b>In a hurricane</b> Several babies were born in the midst of New York's Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Some - like Sandra 'Sandy' Sanchez, shown here with her parents - were named after the event. Others, like the baby born <a href="http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/baby/baby-health/watch-amazing-footage-of-nurses-evacuating-nicu-babies-during-hurricane-sandy-20121031-28j8t.html" target="_blank">in this article</a>, just have an amazing story to tell about their arrival.

It’s always a time of celebration when a baby is born at the zoo, but a New York animal sanctuary had a special new arrival when a guest gave birth in front of the bear exhibit last Friday.

The woman was part of a group touring Rosamund Gifford Zoo, in Syracuse, New York, when she went into labour. When members of her group called for help, zoo worker Liz Schmidt went to assist her.

“I honestly didn’t expect her to deliver at the zoo,” Schmidt told local media. “I thought we’d pop her in a wheelchair and she’d be good to go to the hospital.”

Sarah Kohler, Liz Schmidt and John Moakler on the zoo path where they helped a woman deliver a baby.

Sarah Kohler, Liz Schmidt and John Moakler on the zoo path where they helped a woman deliver a baby.

But labour was already well underway. As children in the women’s group were lead away to look the lions, the adults gathered around the woman to give her some privacy on the walkway.

Another zoo worker, Sarah Kohler, responded to Schmidt’s radio call for assistance. “As I came on the scene, the baby was pretty much on its way out,” she said.

The baby girl didn’t cry at first, Kohler said, but then showed signs of life.

“Our main concern was to keep the mum and baby warm,” Kohler said, adding that the woman’s friends and zoo staff gave articles of clothing to the duo to keep them warm.

An ambulance then arrived to take the 21-year-old mother and her newborn to nearby Crouse Hospital.

The woman’s name has not been released, but zoo director Ted Fox says he will be sending a gift to the latest baby born at the zoo, adding that “[the gift ] will be animal related”.

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