'Very emotional': parents who both had COVID-19 finally hold twin boys 20 days after birth

Photo credit: Beaumont Health
Photo credit: Beaumont Health 

Jennifer Laubach was 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys when her and her husband Andre started experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

When Jennifer's waters broke and she prepared to go to the hospital, Andre began experience severe symptoms, violently coughing and gasping for air meaning she had to drive herself to the hospital.

The pair, who live in Michigan in the USA, were tested positive for COVID-19 previously and received the positive test results not long after.

"I looked back at Andre not knowing if I would ever see him again," Jennifer said to Good Morning America, "he was in really bad shape".

Jennifer gave birth to Mitchell and Maksim the next morning at Troy Beaumont Hospital, and immediately they were taken away to a neonatal ICU so she could battle the virus, meaning the new mother didn't even get a chance to hold her baby boys.

The new mum was discharged to days after giving birth while her boys remained in hospital, but was readmitted after she developed postpartum preeclampsia.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Jennifer said not being able to even touch her babies left her experiencing the symptoms of post-natal depression. She admitted she felt incredibly isolated from her friends and family, adding she was scared she'd passed the deadly virus to her sons.

For 20 days, the Laubachs could only see their boys through video chats, then finally the new parents were finally allowed to meet their babies in person, who had both tested negative to coronavirus.


The couple were able to take Mitchell home, with Maksim remaining in hospital for the time being. As lockdown restrictions mean no one can visit yet, they take it in turns in visiting the NICU.

Jennifer told PEOPLE that finally meeting her boys "was very emotional,"

"They seemed so tiny and fragile," she said. "I cried when I thanked the nurses for taking care of them while we were unable to."

Jennifer told Good Morning America she is still unsure how her and her husband contracted the virus, and just wants people to take COVID-19 seriously and not take any of your loved ones for granted.

"My heart goes out to all the people who don't have a happy ending," she said.