The new mum who danced her way through labour

Dancing was always in Amber Bush's birth plan.
Dancing was always in Amber Bush's birth plan.  Photo: Facebook

When US mum Amber Bush went into labour recently, she had a plan to help things along and speed up the birth of baby. She would dance.

While six centimetres dilated – and wearing mesh underwear and a maternity pad because her water had broken – Amber danced in her birthing suite with her sister-in-law to the V.I.C. song Wobble.

Amber told the Huffington Post she also danced to songs by Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Daddy Yankee. Dancing had always been part of her birth plan.

When doula Jessica Weisbrod asked if she could share the video on her Facebook page, Birthing in Love, Amber agreed because she wanted other mums to see what really goes on during labour.

The video has been viewed over 8 million times and has been shared over 60,000 times.

Amber's dance was widely applauded on Facebook, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

One mum commented, "That will definitely make your baby come faster."

Another said, "The way every birth should be!"

Many were impressed at Amber's ability to maintain her positive attitude at such a difficult time. One commented, "Amazing! And doing it while smiling and laughing."

Amber went on to have a pain medication-free birth, and welcomed a daughter, named Amelia.