'So uncomfortable': Fury after mother-in-law brings neighbour to her baby's birth

Photo:TikTok Photo: TikTok

Giving birth is a daunting experience, and one that you really only want your nearest and dearest around for.

One woman has detailed her horror birth experience that includes her mother-in-law…and her neighbour.

The woman, who goes under the username paolalovesj on TikTok has posted a series of videos about her 'manipulative' mother-in-law, explaining that she and her husband got married very young when she was 18 and pregnant with their first child.

"I'd met my mother in law a handful of times, and one of those times she introduced me to her neighbour," she explained. "I never saw this lady again."

"Months later, I'm in labour," she continued. "My mother-in-law shows up uninvited, and guess who she brings with her? The neighbour!"

"I was in labour and it was my first baby, so I was obviously terrified," she continued. "My mum and husband were with me, and then here comes my mother-in-law with the neighbour. "

The woman continued saying not only the did the neighbour not pick up how uncomfortable she was with the situation but outstayed her welcome and started 'praying over her, giving her advice and rubbing her legs.'


"I look at my mum like, 'What the f---?'" she said. "But I was very new to married life and didn't want to create drama so I didn't say anything."

She said it wasn't only the lack of boundaries that have been an issue, saying she also constantly questions her over their finances.

"I'm a stay at home mum and I'm very appreciative of that," she said in a clip. "My husband knows how thankful I am."

"Mother-in-law feels like she needs to ask inappropriate questions that are not her business," she complained.

"When she sees that I've bought something new, she asks, 'how much did that cost? How many hours is he getting? Is he working overtime?' and if I say yes, she's bothered by it."

"She'll ask how much his cheques are and how much he makes an hour," she continued to vent. "I just think that's not her business."

According to the mum-of-three, she "put up with it for eight years," before she snapped over something and cut her off, complain that they haven't spoken in six months but she continues to "act like the victim."

"I have never been rude to my mother-in-law or disrespected her," she said in a final video.

"But just because she is my mother-in-law it doesn't mean I have to let her walk all over me and just treat me anyway she wants."