Six babies born in seven months for fertile fire station

Lucky they have beds in fire stations - these guys would need their shut-eye more than ever.
Lucky they have beds in fire stations - these guys would need their shut-eye more than ever. Photo: Brissey Photography/Facebook

It can be a challenge to go to work affected by sleep deprivation when no-one else is in the same boat, but what about when everyone else is right there with you?

It's the era of the never ending baby shower at a fire station in Iowa, where incredibly, six babies have been born in seven months to fire fighting colleagues. How a whole fire station runs on so little sleep, we don't know, but the explosion of cute must keep them going.

The first of the babies born to dads at the Mediapolis Fire Department came along lat August, with the most recent born in early March. "We didn't plan it or anything; it just kind of snowballed," fire fighter Adam Welp whose son Kalvin was born in February. He also told Inside Edition that the three dads who had daughters were all first time fathers and the three who welcomed sons were all having their second baby.

"We've been having a baby shower a month for the last seven months. It's been kind of fun," he said.

The six dads attended a photo shoot to mark the end of the baby boom which saw six out of 22 team members all expecting babies. They were adorably dressed in tiny fire fighter outfits and each placed on their father's jacket.

Photo: Brissey Photography
"There must not have been enough fire calls," one of the mums said jokingly. It sure must have been a few quiet nights each month at this small fire station.
One thing is for sure; they have childcare covered. "When we respond to a fire call, usually one of the other mums will come up with their husband, and we'll all leave [our babies] there so they can play together," he said. "We also hang out and see each other a lot, so we'll bring them all around for that," says Welp.

"It's been fun to go through it with everybody else, and it's definitely helpful that we're all going through it together," said colleague Tom Brockett.

See more about the baby boom in the video below.