'Showing random strangers': Mum sues mother-in-law for filming birth

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Photo: Getty Images 

Well here's a Halloween horror story for you, beginning with a mum going into labour on 31 October and ending with her taking her mother-in-law to court. So you can only imagine what happened in between ...

"Four years ago I went into labor on Halloween," the mum wrote in a post to Reddit. I ended up giving birth on November 4 but holy damn those days of labor were hell!"

The long labour, however, was just the start.

"I honestly didn't think it could get any worse," the author writes. " I. Was. Wrong."

Enter our mother-in-law from hell.

"Everything seemed fine and calm until MIL wanted a cigarette and started to demand I start to push."

Wait, what?

She continues: "Then she tried to threaten that if I didn't start pushing, she will have to push down on my stomach to force my daughter out."

Mercifully, the nurses heard and told her to take a walk.


"I went into labor and I was in the middle of pushing when she ran in," the mum writes, adding that after a long labour, with no pain meds, food or water she was "drained'".

"Pushing was hard as hell and i just wanted to sleep!"

As the mum welcomed her daughter into the world, however, she noticed her mother-in-law had recorded the entire delivery. 

"From my pushing to the stitching process (I tore 100%)."

The author explained that she asked her MIL to delete the video. "She promised she did."

She didn't. 

"I found out she was showing random strangers this video and many of these strangers were men that she barely knew."

The mum added that she had to take her mother-in-law to court to get the video deleted. "And after that, she wasn't allowed near me nor my daughter."

Unsurprisingly, Redditors were 100 per cent on the mama's side.

"How super violating!" one woman commented. "I really hope she is prosecuted for what she did. The fact she showed that video to strangers shows a complete disregard for your privacy. It's pretty clear she should never be allowed around you or your baby."

"Wow keep being the strong woman, mama bear, partner you are," said another. "You got this one nailed."

Sadly, this halloween horror story isn't the only mother-in-law tale from hell.

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