Patricia Stock with newborn son Oliver Jeffrey Stock, who was born 6760g.

Oh baby ... Patricia Stock with newborn son Oliver Jeffrey Stock, who was born weighing 6.76kg. Photo: Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin

When pregnant with her second child, Patricia Stock was told to expect a baby weighing between 4.5-5kg (10 and 11lbs).

So she, her husband Ben and her doctors were all surprised when baby Oliver emerged at a whopping 6.76kg (14.14lbs) on February 3.

"When they told me he was 14 pounds I nearly fell over with shock," Patricia, from Rockhampton, Queensland, told The Morning Bulletin a few days after his birth.

Patricia’s doctor and pediatrician said he was the biggest baby they've delivered; not surprisingly, as it's thought the not-so-little Oliver is the heaviest baby to have ever been born in the state.

The average baby born in Australia is around 3.35kg, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

Patricia said her pregnancy had been relatively easy and that she had not experienced cravings or morning sickness.

"Apart from being really big and uncomfortable it was my best pregnancy so far,” she said.

“You can imagine my caesarean scar is quite big though."

When asked what the chances are of the couple having another baby, Patricia – also a mum of toddler Luke – laughed.

"After this one I don't think I'll have another, just in case he's bigger," she joked.

"My husband and I are really happy with our family of four."

Baby Oliver was born healthy and is now feeding well, his mum said, so the family is looking forward to settling into life at home.