Oh boy! Video shows family's reaction to baby surprise

Danielle and Kyle Williams with their baby boy, Bentley.
Danielle and Kyle Williams with their baby boy, Bentley. 

Little Peyton Williams thought she was getting a baby sister named Charlee. But the two-year-old has had to settle for a doll dressed in pink after her baby "sister" turned out to be a boy.

Danielle and Kyle Williams were told by their second baby was a girl by the sonographer at a 20 week ultrasound last Octorber.

When their surprise son was born on March 3, the couple, from Michigan, wanted to have some fun so they decided to video their family's reaction to the news.

"I can't believe it!" the baby's grandmother exclaims after the truth is revealed half-way through a nappy change.

The baby boy's other grandmother is equally surprised to learn she has a grandson instead of a grandaughter. 

"It's a boy? You guys are not joking?" she says.

The amusing clip serves as a warning to mums and dads-to-be to not stock up on too many pink or blue clothes before they are 100 per cent sure of their baby's gender.

Fortunately for Mr and Mrs Williams they had not yet found time to decorate the new baby's nursery.

Mr Williams said he wasn't sure if his "eyes were playing tricks" on him when he first saw his new baby who was born via caesarean section.


"I was speechless," he told USA Today. "I didn't tell my wife. All I could say was there's a bit of a surprise."

Mrs Williams initially didn't believe doctors when they said her baby was a boy.

"But she was thrilled when they brought him around to her to see him for the first time. The look of pure happiness on her face was amazing," Mr Williams said.

The couple had chosen the name Charlee for their second daughter but quickly changed plans and are now proud parents of their baby boy named Bentley Thomas.