My surprise baby

Rosalie's son Nicholas: born at term and perfectly healthy
Rosalie's son Nicholas: born at term and perfectly healthy 

Essential Baby member Rosalie Fodor didn't know she was pregnant - until she was giving birth! She told her story to Nicole Salinas.

This journey for our third child began for us in October 2009 when my husband and I decided to stop birth control. I realised pretty quickly that my cycles were not returning to normal as they had the previous times. Twelve months later I conceived for the first time but lost it at five weeks. This repeated itself another four times. At this point I decided to focus a bit more on losing weight, though still trying to fall pregnant.

In April 2012 I decided to see a fertility specialist who confirmed my suspicions of PCOS. I was told that my weight was the cause of my problems and if I lost a good amount I would hopefully be able to have a baby. So that became my true focus. The following May my body took me by surprise and produced a very unusual 28 day cycle, but after that there was nothing. I put it down to the effects of polcystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

I was told my periods may not appear for some time until my weight was under control and between July 2012 through to today I have actually managed to lose 25kg! I was really happy with my results and felt better than I had in a long time. I had no indication of pregnancy, unlike my first two where I suffered morning sickness (severe with my second which didn’t stop until after I gave birth), food aversions or sore breasts that were larger.  I was full of energy and losing weight. I was sure with all the changes I was making it would not take long for my cycles to return.

Rosalie with son Nicholas
Rosalie with son Nicholas 

The months passed and I felt great. I was doing weights and heavy exercise every day. In November 2012 I started feeling what I thought was really bad gas pains. I went to the doctor and was told it was most likely irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is apparently common with PCOS. I thought what I was feeling resembled early baby movements but I believed it to be hormonal and likely caused by the IBS so I thought nothing of it.

I was losing weight at the same time that my belly was growing and I believe this is why I did not look like I was pregnant. It just sort of balanced itself out. I looked bloated and thought that was all it was. I was told it can be common with the hormonal imbalance of PCOS.

I started having bladder pressure issues during the last few months which now, was obviously from the baby but I was told again by the doctor it was IBS, just as I was told when I asked about my heartburn. So, with the lack of any real symptoms and being told all this by the doctors I was certain I could not be pregnant. Toward the end my husband joked that my bloating made me look pregnant, which we thought was a little ironic since we wanted a baby so much. I certainly did not feel heavily pregnant, not by a long shot! I had no sleep issues, not even colostrum which I had in my previous pregnancies.

Life continued as normal and I noticed at one point that the movement slowed a lot. I thought maybe the IBS was improving and that maybe it was a sign my body was responding to all my hard work, hoping that my cycle would return soon.

On Sunday March 10 at 2am I felt some cramping. It was nothing out of the ordinary and I thought it was connected to the PCOS. At around 8am I started getting mild pains in my back and realised I was bleeding. I was completely soaked, which I now realise was my waters leaking. The pains continued through the day and came in waves 10-20 minutes apart. I assumed it was my period arriving as I had been told it would be quite bad when it finally came due to there being so much time between periods.

By the afternoon I had to breathe through the pains. I went shopping and had to stop walking with each pain. They came and went and I walked and did what I needed to do between them, still leaking all the while. By the Sunday night I couldn’t get comfortable while laying down and had to keep switching positions. I didn’t realise that they resembled contractions at all, still thinking it was just the period from hell.


By 5am Monday morning the pains were getting unbearable and I didn’t understand why pain relief was not working. I didn’t sleep and the pains were getting worse and closer together. I couldn’t comprehend why it was so bad. I was supposed to take the kids to school that morning but realised by around 7am that there was no way that was happening. Thankfully my husband was home and able to organise them that morning and I forced myself to get up and say goodbye to them. By that point I could barely walk and was breathing very heavily with the pains. My husband said he would to go the chemist to get something stronger for the pain.

At about 8:30am I dragged myself to the toilet and it really hurt to pee due to the pressure. I slowly dragged myself to bed and I was in tears from the pain, trying to change positions as much as I could to make it better. It was unbearable. I was in too much pain to register what was happening, just counting down the minutes for my husband to get home with some pain relief. I wanted to get myself a heatpack but I couldn’t move. When he returned I was so relieved. I took the pain medication he brought me and asked him to get me a heat pack which did help a little while the pain killers did nothing at all. My husband suggested going to the doctor and I said if I was still feeling that way the next day, I would.

That was when everything changed. I felt like I needed to go to the toilet and got myself there. I tried to push but nothing was coming. The feeling was so intense and would not go away. I managed to get back to bed, still with the intense feeling that I had no choice but to go with. So I pushed.

All of a sudden I felt something in my underwear and another push happened, completely out of my control and I felt something else. I tried to stand up and as I looked down I saw something in the leg of my underwear. The room was dark and I was not wearing my glasses and what I saw was not what I thought it would be. It was round and as it happened, I heard a little muffled cry. I screamed out to my husband who was in another room “I think I just had a baby!” and in he came running, to see the head. He told me to get on my knees quickly, which I did, and out came our baby, into his waiting arms.

I remember saying “Oh my god I am going to be on the news!” and I asked if he looked full term (our daughter was born at 34 weeks). My husband had tears in his eyes and I was in total disbelief, but so happy. I told him to call the ambulance and they talked him through what to do to keep the baby warm. He looked great, was nice and pink and was sucking happily on his fingers.

It was about 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. As soon as they did they checked our baby over, organised my husband to cut the cord and checked his blood sugar. My underwear had to be cut off to allow the cord to be cut. We walked out of the house to the ambulance and I got to hold my gorgeous baby boy. He was exactly how I had pictured him all those years – a perfect mix of my son and daughter. We named him Nicholas.

My husband packed some things for me and followed us to the hospital. Once we were settled in they checked us both over properly and were very happy with everything. I delivered the placenta naturally, which was perfect. The midwives believe he was over 40 weeks as his skin was peeling. Nicholas weighed 3280g and was 51cm long with a head circumference of 35.5cm. He is my heaviest, longest baby and had the biggest head of the three! 

Of course I had thoughts racing through my mind about when he was conceived! My last cycle was in May 2012 and we weren’t really trying anymore. I assume I ovulated around the second week of June. I guess it was just good timing, that I ovulated at the right time to allow this miracle to happen. And he is an absolute miracle. I can’t help but think of all the things that could have gone wrong as my previous pregnancies were classed as high risk; the fact that he came on his own after two inductions is something I am so thankful for.

We are still in disbelief, but he is truly amazing. We wanted him for the longest time and he is the perfect addition to our family.