Mum tells how her baby was born 'shaking hands with the doctor'

Birth stories are always fun to tell.
Birth stories are always fun to tell. Photo: TikTok | @motheroftheseas

Everyone loves a good birth story - they can be repeated countless times to put a smile on everyone's face. Now a TikTok mum has shared a baby arrival tale more unusual than most, with her baby "shaking hands" with the doctor before it was even born.

Responding to the TikTok prompt "Tell me your ridiculous birth story that makes people shocked", the woman said she knew that "this one was meant for me."

The mum says that when her water was broken, the nurse that checked on her seemed surprised, even calling for another nurse and then eventually the doctor.

The doctor told the mum that when they broke her water, the baby had slipped his hand over his head.

"He is now in the canal like this", demonstrating the pose with one hand above her head, "When they go in to check he is grabbing their fingers.


##stitch with @beyondboss_ I still laugh about how surprised the nurses were “greeting” my son 😂 ##birthstory ##handshake ##MakeMomEpic

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"It's cool, my son is just shaking hands with the doctor."

The doctor then warned the mum to let them know if she felt any 'grabbing' at her labia.

"I straight laughed in their face and the doctor goes 'Oh I'm not kidding'."


The baby did eventually pull his arm down and the mum was able to give birth safely.

Several hospital personnel told similar stories from their perspectives.

"I'm a labour nurse and the first time a baby grabbed me I screamed," said one commenter.

"As a midwife I've had this several times, always fabulous. Most of the time it pops back in as it gets cold and they don't like it," another commented.

Other mums also recounted their similar birth stories.

"This happened with my son! But he didn't move his arm. He came out fist up like Superman flying. And he grabbed. Like 60 stitches worth," said one mum.

"This happened to my mum with my brother, and they had to wheel her to the OR with a nurse's arm between her legs because he wouldn't let go," said another commenter.

Many joked about the baby just wanting to introduce themselves to the world before it came out.

"Imagine this kid's college essay or cover letter for a business job: 'I was networking since before I was born…'"