Mum delivers 'chunky and cute' 6.2kg baby at 38 weeks

Photo: Interior Health
Photo: Interior Health 

Colleen Burgoyne's doctors told her her unborn baby would be big, but she didn't realise her newborn would be this big! 

While the Canadian mum had suffered many of the discomforts of late pregnancy, she couldn't have imagined she was a carrying a 6.2kg (13 pounds 9.5 ounces) baby.

Speaking to CTV News, Colleen said, "I had an ultrasound a couple weeks before and it said that he was 12 pounds (5.45kg) but they said it's not that accurate, so my doctor thought he was 10 or 11 pounds."

Colleen with Shawn. Photo: Interior Health
Colleen with Shawn. Photo: Interior Health 

Colleen was booked in for a scheduled c-section but was admitted earlier than planned due to cold and flu. Shawn Tyson Williams Burgoyne was then born on May 15, with his mum and staff surprised by his size.

Recounting the first moment she held him, Colleen said, "When I first saw him I was just so shocked by how big he is, and how he's just so chunky and cute.

"He's a really good baby. He has a loud cry when he wants to, he knows what he wants."

Shawn has a brother who is less than a year older, who weighed just over 4kg at birth.

CTV News reports that a staff member of 17 years at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital in Vancouver believes Shawn might be the biggest newborn delivered there. He would have been even bigger had he stayed inside for another two weeks, perhaps rivalling the 7kg baby born in the UK and the 7.39kg baby from NZ.

Colleen says the staff dote on Shawn and that she's looking forward to taking him home. Delighted with her new bundle she adds, "We're doing awesome."