'Millie couldn't wait': Highway patrol police deliver roadside baby

Image: NSW Police
Image: NSW Police  

It's a birth story baby Millie April will hear for the rest of her life.

On Tuesday, the healthy little girl was born in the back of an Ambulance on the M7 in NSW, delivered by two Highway Patrol officers - and her proud dad.

NSW Police shared the news in a Facebook post accompanied by photos of baby Millie, her parents and the officers who brought her into the world.

"Senior Constable Andrew Mazan was in a Highway Patrol vehicle on the M7, when the prospective Dad and Mum arrived in front of him, about 10:30am" the post reads. "He did a quick assessment and had them move to a nearby breakdown bay which was a much more safer place."

Senior Constable Mazan and his colleague Sergeant Vince Conciatore were coached by the Ambulance Control Centre via phone, "as to what was to come next."

NSW Ambulance arrived just in time: "Mille couldn't wait any longer, and was greeted by Police and Paramedics, and of course a proud Dad,"

According to NSW Police, "Mille April (Vince Andrew) Carpenter" is the third little girl for the couple and has two big sisters waiting for her at home.

"Well done Mum and Dad, glad we were on the road to assist you!"

NSW Ambulance also shared the story, adding that "Mum is doing great and Dad is over the moon."
In  Australia, around four to five in 1,000 births are recorded as "other", meaning the birth didn't occur in hospital, in a birth centre, or as a planned home birth. These births may occur in the woman's home, en route to the hospital or in ambulances - just like little Millie.