Mesmerising video of baby being ‘unwrapped’ after birth

 Photo: Instagram

This mesmerising video of a baby being "unwrapped" is the perfect reminder of the fragility and beauty of life.

In the Instagram video, shared on the Female Wellness page, you can watch the newborn baby boy being born en caul.

An en caul birth is when a baby is born entirely inside the fluid-filled amniotic sac. This phenomenon occurs once in every 80,000 births.

Mostly these types of births take place when a baby is born prematurely, and rarely via c-section.


Unwrapping a baby What a way to welcome this little miracle into the world! This is what we call an ‘En Caul’ birth. An En Caul Birth (ECB) is one in which the baby is born entirely inside the fluid-filled amniotic sac (seen in only about 1/80000 births). Most ECB's births are premature, & some doctors have observed that this type of birth can protect a newborn from the mechanical pressure of overly strong uterine contractions. It has been suggested that En Caul C-section deliveries might be advisable for extremely fragile premature babies. This little guy is seen still breathing through the mother's placenta! There have been cases where infants born in a complete caul have survived up to 25 minutes of extra uterine life inside this intact sac! Apart from the presence of the unbroken amniotic sac, En caul C-section deliveries also differ from conventional C-sections in that the incision in the mother’s abdomen is made in a different place. This method, in addition to reducing the incidence of pressure-related injuries to premature newborns, also may reduce the incidence of asphyxiation in premature infants. Seeing moments like this captured can really put the blessing of life into perspective for all of us!

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When a baby is born en caul, with their sac still intact, doctors will gently "unwrap" them.

This video is like watching someone open the best present of all – the gift of life – and it's one of the coolest things you'll ever see.