Melbourne mum Adele Barbaro to livestream childbirth

The Real Mumma Adele Barbaro.
The Real Mumma Adele Barbaro. Photo: Facebook/The Real Mumma

A Melbourne mummy blogger plans to stream her childbirth live on Facebook to show "labour is nothing like the movies".

Adele Barbaro says it is a bit daring to share her daughter's childbirth but wants to show planning labour isn't possible.

"This is just a mum sharing PG content of her labour in the hope of helping first-time parents with a real insight," she posted to Instagram on Monday.

Ms Barbaro wanted a relaxing water birth for son Harvey in 2015 but was instead forced into an emergency caesarean section.

"To me, childbirth was going to be a day where I would be empowered, strong and proud but became a day I am still annoyed about today," she posted to Facebook earlier this year.

"I had not mentally prepared for (a caesarean section) and I was p--sed off ... but, I was naive to have not considered all the scenarios."

Helping stream the birth of their daughter - who is due in July - will be Ms Barbaro's husband, Paul.

She plans to stream video live to Facebook while at home before her husband shares the regular updates and photos from the hospital.