Kiwi mum, 41, gives birth to 'miracle baby' after having no idea she was pregnant

Photo Karla Akuhata did not know she was pregnant. The AM Show
Photo Karla Akuhata did not know she was pregnant. The AM Show  

A New Zealand mother has given birth after having no idea she was pregnant

While Karla Akuhata had been feeling bloated, low on energy and had put on a few kilograms, she thought it was just period pain.

"I hadn't felt very well and had been complaining about feeling bloated and uncomfortable," she told the AM show

Picture: Facebook/Karla Akuhata
Picture: Facebook/Karla Akuhata 

It wasn't until early last Tuesday morning when she experienced agonising cramps and had spent the weekend in bed, that she knew something wasn't right. 

"At 4am I got up because I was so uncomfortable. And I noticed some blood but I just thought it was my period coming."

After having a shower, the 41-year-old communications consultant said the pain intensified. 

"I wrapped myself in a towel and came back into my bedroom.. and I had to kneel down to deal with the pain. I was just trying to breathe through the pain of what I thought were cramps. I didn't even think it could be contractions."

"There was something weird down there, so I put my hand down... and that's when I felt his head." 

Akuhata, who had been playing competitive netball just a couple of weeks earlier, had reached down and got the surprise of her life.

"There was a baby's head coming out of me, there was nothing else to do but go with it," she told Ben Leahy from the New Zealand Herald,. 


While her father and teenage son were in another part of the house, and her elderly deaf grandfather was in the next room, Akuhata incredibly, went on to deliver her own child. 

"I just had to do it," Akuhata told the AM Show. "I could have yelled out but I don't think anyone would have heard me anyway." 

About 15 minutes later, Akuhata had given birth to a baby boy on her bedroom floor in Whakatāne.

Completely shell-shocked, Akuhata called her mum who was about to finish a night shift at the local hospital. 

"Mum, you know how you were kidding that I might be pregnant, well I've just had a baby," she told her stunned mother, who immediately called an ambulance before rushing home to her daughter.

Whe her mum came home, she found her Akuhata on the bed cuddling baby Tamarangi, who was still attached by his umbilical cord.

"He just lay there and nuzzled and made all the little baby noises," Akuhata told the New Zealand Herald.. "I kind of knew from the noises he was making that he was all good."

The paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and took mum and baby to hospital for a check-up - where both were declared healthy

While everyone was surprised, her family were absolutely thrilled with the 'miracle baby's' arrival and quickly rallied together to get all the necessary supplies.

"By the time we got home from the maternity ward, this little boy had everything he needed," Akuhata said. 

Adding to the shock of the situation, was that Akuhata had always struggled to conceive and had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

While she gave birth to her other son 15 years ago, she had struggled to fall pregnant since. 

"Most people can't believe it, because I didn't look pregnant," she gushed to AM SHow host Ryan Bridge.

"He gets called miracle baby a lot - by me, by his brother and by the community"

The mum-of-two said she had been overwhelmed with support from friends and family - and decided to share her story even though she thought many people may not believe her. 

"I know that by sharing my story in the media I'm going to get a whole lot of judgment from people who may not understand the story or accept it," she said. "But it's worth it to share a bit more love."

"In this time of COVID and lockdowns and suspicion and fear, it is really lovely to remember there are so many people out there that give their love so easily."