'Just to show I still can': super fit mum pole dances while in labour

Kat Bailey preparing to pole dance after her waters broke.
Kat Bailey preparing to pole dance after her waters broke.  Photo: Facebook

Deep breathing, meditation or perhaps some light reading - these are all things lots of soon-to-be mums do to pass the time between contractions.

Not Kat Bailey.

The super fit UK mum practiced her pole dancing skills after her waters broke and while she was waiting to head off to hospital.

Kat posted the August 1 video of her labour day dance to her Facebook page where it has already been viewed more than 65,000 times.

"So ... I'm officially in labour:). Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I'd do some pole between contractions," Kat wrote when posting the video.

"I promised I'd dedicate my labour day Iron X to our good friend ... so here it is."

The 30-second clip shows the mum-to-be dressed in tights and a singlet lift herself into a horizontal position on the pole.

"I thought I'd do some pole, just to show I still can", she says. "Ta-da! Baby can come now."


Kat runs a pole dancing studio and has been taking part in the sport for the past seven years. 

She attracted criticism in May after competing in a pole dancing competition while seven months pregnant. At the time she said pole dancing while pregnant was "just like weight training" for her.

"Some of the fears behind it are unjustified rumour," she told Ruptly TV.

"If you're happy and you listen to your body there's no reason to give up something that you enjoy doing because you're pregnant."

There are no updates on her baby's arrival yet, but there's no doubt the new mum will be back on the pole before long.