Is this the best ever gender reveal photo?

The moment Koto Nakamura discovered she'd actually delivered a girl.
The moment Koto Nakamura discovered she'd actually delivered a girl.  Photo: Itty Bitty Photography/Jes Jackson

The phrase "It's a boy!" is not an unusual thing to hear in a delivery room. However if the mum and dad-to-be believed they were expecting a girl, the words would come as a bit of a surprise - just ask Koto Nakamura.  

Birth photographer Jessica Jackson was on hand to capture the memorable moment the new mum was told her baby was not a daughter, but a son.

"I thought everyone was joking," Nakamura, from Tasmania, told TODAY Parents. "I lost words and I couldn't believe it until I saw his bottom."

Nakamura and husband Sina Niakansafy had been told during pregnancy told their unborn baby was a girl and they planned to name their daughter Hinata.

Once they got over the initial surprise about their first child's gender the couple was overjoyed to be taking home the healthy baby boy they named Taiga - a Japanese name meaning "big and gracious".

"I was shocked for a few seconds, and then it didn't matter if it was a girl or a boy," Nakamura, who gave birth last month, said.

Jackson, who operates Itty Bitty Photography, described the moment as "amazing" and shared the special photo with her Instagram followers. 

"The priceless look on a mama's face who was told she was having a baby girl but received a baby boy!! Talk about a big surprise!!" she wrote.