'I was shocked': Woman gives birth four hours after discovering she was pregnant

Daisy Young with surprise baby son Elijah.
Daisy Young with surprise baby son Elijah. Photo: Facebook: Maggy Young

When Daisy Young went to hospital with unexplained stomach cramps, she had no idea she was about to become a first-time mum.

Four hours after arriving at Ninewells Hospital, in Scotland, the 21-year-old was holding her newborn son Elijah John.

Maggy Young with her new grandson.
Maggy Young with her new grandson. Photo: Facebook

"I had stomach cramps the day before but thought nothing of it. They had got worse overnight though so I went into A and E," Ms Young told the BBC.

"The doctors said, 'might you be pregnant', but I just figured that was impossible. There was no sign I was, I was still having my periods, I had put a little bit of weight on, but I just thought that's because I had started a job at McDonald's.

"They did a scan anyway and told me I was 37 weeks pregnant (and 5cm dilated) and was in labour. I was shocked. Actually, shock doesn't begin to cover it."

That was at about 3pm. Baby Elijah arrived at 6.48pm.

"I was just 'Oh my God, I've had a baby'," she said. 

"I held him, I wasn't even crying, I was just too shocked. 


"I wanted my mum there."

Ms Young's mum, Maggy Young, from Durham, was also surprised when she received a text from her daughter telling her she was in hospital.

The new grandmother feared her daughter had been  in a car accident and was shocked, but happy and relieved, after hearing the news. She celebrated hew new grandson with an excited update on her Facebook page.

"A bit of happy news folk. I became a proud Grandma on Tuesday 9th June," she posted alongside photos of her surprise grandson.

"My daughter had no idea she was pregnant until in labour. Thankfully she went to hospital with severe stomach cramps about 2.30pm & Elijah John Young was born at 6.48pm. She is 5'8", size 10/12, no bump & regular monthlys.

"So he is a real blessing & keeping us busy. Love & strength to you all."

She told everyone he was 'perfect', and her daughter was also doing really well.

"He's our beautiful little miracle. Loves his cuddles & just so placid," she said.

"I'm so proud of my daughter too. So proud of Daisy & how well she is coping."

Ms Young, who is now living at home with her parents, had been working at McDonald's, after deferring university. But now she is a mum, she is reassessing her future plans. She hopes to transfer to Open University to study business management.

She's still amazed that she's had a baby.

"I didn't have a bump. I hadn't been sick except for two days back in November when I was off work, but I didn't think anything of it. I have stayed in my size 10 clothes throughout," she told the Daily Mail

It's thought the baby might have been lying on Ms Young's spine due to her 5ft 8inch height, leaving him concealed, and her small weight gain had been dismissed as the free meals she'd eaten fast food at each shift at her new job.

"It has been a shock to become a mum overnight but a brilliant one," she said.