'I gave birth on the side of the road in the front seat of my jeep': Mum's incredible birth story

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook 

Births rarely go to plan.

And we're fairly sure that giving birth in your car when you're 10 minutes from a hospital is in no one's birth plan.

One mum, Gayla Thompson, has shared the incredible story of how she welcomed her son into the world in the front seat of her Jeep Wrangler, with only her husband by her side, after thinking she was in false labour.

"Apparently I was in labor for two days!", the mum-of-two shared in a Facebook post, along with some amazing pictures capturing her welcoming her son into the world, adding: "[It] totally explains my post about being absolutely miserable yesterday."

Thompson, who is also a photographer based in Tennessee, USA, said she had painful contractions the day before, but due to their irregularity her and her husband thought they were just bad Braxton Hicks.

"How I slept through them... idk," she laughed. "Woke up this morning with same contractions. Took a hot bath to see if that would help the pain. They quickly got VERY painful and quick, so realised it was a good time to tell Ryan [my husband] it was time to call boss man and take me in."

As children under 12 aren't allowed in the hospital at the moment, she had to pack a bag for her five-year-old son Connor and take him to daycare, which is in the opposite direction to the hospital.

However, halfway to the hospital, Thompson realised they weren't going to make it in time to have the birth she expected.


"The contractions got SO bad, that I no longer could scream, and just went totally silent," she recalled. "That was the sign that told me baby is on the way, and we won't make it!"

Thompson, now about to give birth, gave her husband the option of "speeding up" or calling emergency services, although at that point he was still convinced it was a false labour.

"He finally called when Carson's head crowned," she revealed. "Carson was born at 8:56am on the side of interstate I-440!"

"His head was stuck for two solid minutes between contractions/pushing," she said. "Ryan pulled him out on next push, and held him while I ripped my top off for skin-to-skin."

"He grabbed some shirts from the back to cover him while we waited for paramedics," she continued, adding waiting for them was "the quickest and longest 10 minutes" of their lives.

The paramedics then took her to the hospital, with her husband following, where she delivered her placenta which she said was "WAY more painful than the natural Jeep birth."

"[I] lost a ton of blood that prevented me yet again from getting any drugs," she continued. "But all is well and baby is totally healthy!!"

"My poor Jeep lol," she added after.

Although the birth was a blur, the brave mum and her husband managed to get a few snaps of the birth and their newborn son, which she shared along with her birth story, racking up over 7000 likes. 

"We're doing really well, especially all things considered!" she told Essential Baby. "Dad goes back to work tomorrow, and I'll be busy with taking lots of newborn photos, and managing a newborn and five-year-old alone day and night!"

Although admitting life is about to get "purely exhausting," the mum-of-two is thrilled her story is reaching so many people.

 "It's such a feel good story since we were unsure if baby would make it with cord wrapped around his neck and traffic and ambulance a little far out," Thompson said. "It's very exciting to see our story go viral!!"