Grandmother helps deliver her own grandchild ... twice

Laura Brown with her daughter Isla Mae-Brown, sister Carla, and her mother Rosalind Taylor.
Laura Brown with her daughter Isla Mae-Brown, sister Carla, and her mother Rosalind Taylor. Photo: The Bolton News

Not many grandmothers get to say they helped deliver their own grandchild, but one "Super Gran" can boast about doing it twice.

Rosalind Taylor helped her daughter Laura give birth in the front seat of the car while en route to the hospital, with a friend at the wheel. She had been sent home from hospital that morning after being told it was too early and the contractions were too far apart for her to be giving birth that day. However, by 6.30pm, Laura made the call to go to hospital again, when her contractions became more frequent.

The driver was told to pull over after the expectant mum announced she was about to give birth in the front seat of the car. Her mum Rosalind emerged from the back seat to deliver baby Isla-Mae, who had the cord wrapped around her neck.

Speaking to The Boston News, Rosalind explained, "I suggested that my daughter pushed and the baby's head appeared with the umbilical cord around the baby's neck. I unravelled it and then told her to continue pushing and the baby came out."

Once the cord was removed, the newborn girl started crying, much to their relief. She said, "Obviously, with the cord around Isla-Mae's neck it was lucky I managed to get it off and when she cried it was the best sign to us that she was able to breathe."

Photo: The Bolton News

It was a familiar scenario for the grandmother, who delivered Laura's first daughter Sienna at home in June 2009. In that instance, Laura was also asked to return home from the hospital, although within an hour, Rosalind was delivering her granddaughter on her own bed. She said that it was probably 'a training exercise' for delivering another baby down the track.

Now she has gained a reputation for delivering babies, she says the locals are spreading the word about her. "Everyone in the area is now saying if there is anyone pregnant they should make sure they put my number on speed dial on their phones; just in case," adding that she "loved every minute of the drama" and is very proud of her newest grandchild.

"Maybe after helping give birth to both of Laura's babies, I should consider a new career," she joked.