Girl, nine, helps deliver baby sister after mum goes into labour at home: 'Truly miraculous on all levels'

Picture: Facebook/Instagram
Picture: Facebook/Instagram 

Imagine going into labour with only your nine-year-old there to help you.

That was the reality for Angelica Gunn, whose labour suddenly began to progress quickly while at home with her daughter Akayla and son Caleb Jr, four, on June 28. 

The 30-year-old from Missouri called her husband Caleb to alert him, however the baby had no plans to wait for his arrival. 

As she told Good Morning America, it was a week before her due date and she initially wasn't convinced it wasn't another false labour, as she'd experienced days earlier. 

Until things suddenly ramped up. "Then midday the contractions just kicked in really hard," she told GMA. "I felt the urge to push all of a sudden."

Knowing she needed to act quickly, she called for Akayla to come and help. 

"I just screamed for my daughter to come in. I was like, 'Something's happening, you're going to have to look and tell me what's going on because I don't know'," she continued.

"I kind of just felt intense pressure and like [the baby's] head was coming out."​


Being a certified doula and a nurse, Gunn felt confident in coaching her daughter through the process, adding there was no time to consider other options. 

"I think that my instincts kicked in. I was able to help her even though I was still screaming in pain," she said. 

Describing her daughter as composed throughout the ordeal, Gunn said she 'didn't freak out' and praised her efforts as 'amazing'.

Baby Aubree was delivered safely, weighing 3.5kg and paramedics arrived at the home shortly after.

As Akayla told Fox 4 News KC, it had been a 'fun' experience and she'd even been able to catch her sister. 

"She (Gunn) told me to go grab a towel and don't hold Aubree so hard and give her to mummy," she said.

In a Facebook post in the days following the dramatic birth, Gunn said the family were 'beyond proud' of Akayla and her 'heroic efforts'. 

"I desired a natural birth and that is what God allowed to happen in the comforts of our own home though it's not what we had planned it's what God orchestrated and anointed us for," she wrote. 

"I am still very much in shock, disbelief and very emotional about it all ... Truly miraculous on all levels."

The new addition was extra special for the family, as Gunn has previously suffered three miscarriages, saying she now has three babies on earth, and three in heaven.