Family sings Salt N Pepa’s ‘Push It,' baby born minutes after

Photo: Jordan Juice Houston /Facebook
Photo: Jordan Juice Houston /Facebook 

Expectant couples have regularly tried weird and wonderful things to get labour moving along so they can meet their new human.

However, the strategy employed by Jadie Phelps and her extended family has gone viral both for being thoroughly entertaining and because it worked - with baby daughter Alaya arriving just 10 minutes after the stellar performance.

Jadie was in labour at Baylor All Saint Medical Center in Texas last month when labour ward staff asked her and dad-to-be Jordan Houston if they had a labour playlist.

It was all the encouragement they needed to burst into a stunning rendition of Salt N Pepa's 'Push It.' The a capella performance featured beat-boxing, and even some dance moves and rapping from the labouring mum.

"About 10 minutes and two pushes later, Alaya joined us!" Houston said of the arrival - the couple's third child - on December 13.

It turns out performing is as natural as birth itself for this musical couple, who first met on stage, before falling in love.

"We are performers. That's how we met," Houston, told Fort Worth Star Telegram. "We've done musical theatre productions and freelance entertainment gigs together, so it's second nature for us to burst out into song and dance at any given moment."

With more than 11 million views, the video has entertained and delighted people around the globe, who have shared it 167,000 times and liked it 28,000 times.

Alaya has now been dubbed 'The Push It Baby' by commenters and it turns out that staff were so impressed, they made them perform another two times for the various doctors attending the mother and baby.

The couple told WFAA, "The nurses are like you have to do that for the doctors. We ended up performing it like three times."