European holiday one week, motherhood the next: student gives birth to surprise baby

Kate had few pregnancy symptoms and still fit into her size 6 clothes when heavily pregnant on her dream European trip.
Kate had few pregnancy symptoms and still fit into her size 6 clothes when heavily pregnant on her dream European trip. 

At 22, two years into a uni degree, Kate Hudson took time off to take a trip around with Europe with friends. The group partied, ate the local cuisine, took part in adventure sports, and drank often. It was a dream holiday.

Seven weeks into the holiday, Kate started to feel a little off, so decided to take a pregnancy test. The result surprised her: she and her boyfriend Aaron, who was back at home in Melbourne, were expecting a baby.

"Although he was shocked, he was supportive and said we could work around it, and if not, we'd have months to prepare for having a baby," Kate told The Young Mummy blog.

Kate, at right, with her friends on their holiday.
Kate, at right, with her friends on their holiday. 

The media studies student continued on her trip, thinking she was only a short time into her pregnancy. But a doctor in Prague had more startling news: not only was she pregnant, she was already 33 weeks along.

Kate hadn't experienced any of the normal signs of pregnancy. In fact, the slender mum-to-be was still wearing her size 6 shorts, putting her tiny belly down to the great food and drink she'd had on the trip.

"I had absolutely no real clear symptoms," Kate said.

"I was still getting regular periods, I wasn't nauseous, no morning sickness, little weight gain … it seemed silly to think I was pregnant.

"All I had leading up to it was a little constipation and I went from a C-cup to a D-cup."

The doctor in Prague said she would have to give birth in Europe, but Kate knew she wanted to return home. Although airlines usually require a certificate of permission for pregnant women to fly in their third trimester, Kate decided to take the risk and was able to fly without anyone even realising she was pregnant.  


She cried throughout the 22-hour flight.

"No way was I ready to have a baby. I'm only 22. No job, no money and no time to prepare," she said.

Once she was home, however, there was another shock in store: Melbourne doctors found that she was actually 38 weeks into her pregnancy. She had 10 days to prepare for motherhood.  

Kate, Aaron and their son Mason, now eight weeks.
Kate, Aaron and their son Mason, now eight weeks. 

"I was scared about the future," she said. "Being a mum is daunting. I had no money since I had just come back from overseas. Where will we live? How will we pay for stuff? I didn't know all too much about babies."

Still coming to terms with her sudden life change, Kate was given yet more surprising news at one of her doctor appointments: the baby was actually overdue and needed to be born as soon as possible.

She was induced and after a six hour labour which was "much easier labour than expected", baby Mason arrived weighing 2.94kg.  

Doctors said that the young mum's uterus was tilted back and that Mason had been sitting up high in her diaphragm, which had helped hide his presence for so long.  

Now eight weeks old, Mason is healthy and doing well. Kate told The Young Mummy that she still struggles to take it all in.

"I wake up in the morning and sometimes I forget I have a baby," she said. "It's a huge change and very overwhelming. I didn't have the eight or so months to prepare so everything is just test and go."

"I have a beautiful healthy baby boy, my relationship with Aaron is stronger than ever … I've just gotta roll with it and make the most of it.

"Mason's here and I'm going to try to be the best parent I can be for him."

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