Boogie baby! Newborn boy delivered on dance floor in French nightclub

O'Club in Toulouse, France. Photo: Google Maps
O'Club in Toulouse, France. Photo: Google Maps 

A healthy baby boy was born on a French nightclub's dance floor in the early hours of Monday, with the newborn reportedly given "free admission for life."

O'Club manager Marie-Helene told French newspaper La Depeche that the club was almost empty when she became aware of the 19-year-old in the throes of labour.

The teen had apparently not been able to leave the club in Toulouse because her "stomach ache" had come on so rapidly and made it impossible to walk.

She had gone to the club because a friend had suggested she come along to forget about some personal problems for a while. She was not drinking alcohol and was aware of her pregnancy.

"We had to react very quickly. An emergency operator was on the phone with [a staff member] who explained what to do. The girl was not panicked but worried," said Marie-Helene.

The baby boy arrived safely, with the paramedics arriving soon after.

"What is positive is that we did not panic, and we were not afraid," she said.

"I hope with all my heart that she will give us news," Marie-Helene said of the boy, who now has "free admission for life."

No doubt this will be him in a year from now.