Birth notice: mum, baby and midwife's hair all doing well

Image Source: Carrie Hall
Image Source: Carrie Hall 

When you're expecting a baby it's not uncommon to book a manicure, have a massage and get your hair done – because, let's face it, with a newborn you're not sure when you'll ever get alone time again.

But have you ever thought about what life is like for the people delivering the babies?

Constantly being on-call makes it tricky to take time out for yourself, let alone take care of day-to-day responsibilities like grocery shopping and workouts, as there's always a possibility you'll have to rush into work.

For midwife Carrie Hall, that's exactly what happened - and the photo to prove it is hilarious.

Carrie, from Kentucky, was on an ordinary on-call day when she decided to get her hair cut and coloured. She called the hospital in advance to check in and found out there was one patient in labour, but she wasn't progressing at great speed. Thinking she'd have plenty of time and seeing that the hairdressing salon was close to the hospital she took a chance.

"My hairdresser had just finished foiling my hair when the nurses called and said the patient was ready to deliver," Carrie told Popsugar. "The local hospital was five minutes away, so foils and all, I went to catch a baby!"

The woman was ready to push as soon as Carrie arrived at the hospital, and 20 minutes later she'd delivered her gorgeous baby with Carrie by her side, foils and all.

The photo of Carrie holding the newborn, with foils still in her hair, is the best.

"Then, I got back in my car, went back to the shop, and finished my hair!" she said. "Needless to say, mumma, baby, and my hair are great!"

And this is why we all love midwives.