Best friends give birth 20 minutes apart in same hospital

Besties, Amanda and Alex, gave birth on the same date, in the same hospital.
Besties, Amanda and Alex, gave birth on the same date, in the same hospital. Photo: Inside Edition

Already thrilled to be pregnant at the same time, Indiana besties Amanda Irvine and Alex Hankins ended up sharing more than just their pregnancies: their babies were born on the same day, in adjoining rooms.

Ms Irvine welcomed a son, Liam, while Ms Hankins gave birth to a baby girl, Ivie, who was delivered by the same doctor just 20 minutes later.

"The doctor delivered Liam, and then walked right next door and delivered Ivie," Ms Irvine, 22, told Inside Edition.

"Yeah, like changed his gloves, put on a new robe, and got my baby out," 22-year-old Ms Hankins added.

While the young women had joked about their babies arriving on the same date - they never actually though it would happen.

The pair told WSBT that although they'd been close since high school, being pregnant at the same time - and now having their babies together - has only strengthened their friendship.

"We'd take pregnancy naps together," Ms Irvine said.

Their strong bond has been particularly beneficial for first-time mother, Ms Irvine, who is calling on mum-of-two, Ms Hankins, (who already has a one-year-old), for advice as she adjusts to new mummyhood.


"She's helped me a lot," Ms Irvine said. "Even just talking about what to do during birth and the morning sickness and everything, she's helped me through a lot."

The pair are planning lots of "mum dates" - as well as joint birthday parties for their bubs in the future.

Play dates and birthday parties, however, are just the beginning of what the girls hope will be a lifetime of friendship for their little ones.

"We still have to plan out like the details of their lives," Ms Hawkins said, "but we know they're going to be lived out together!"