Photographer captures dad assisting in roadside delivery

A birth photographer captures a look of amazement and disbelief as dad Noah Strunk delivers his newborn child on a roadside.
A birth photographer captures a look of amazement and disbelief as dad Noah Strunk delivers his newborn child on a roadside. Photo: Jaiden Photography

We've all read stories about dramatic births that happen in cars on the way to the hospital - but they rarely, if ever, are captured by a professional photographer. But that's exactly what happened when baby Parker made his entrance.

When Lauren Strunk went into labour one evening in her home in Jacksonville Beach Florida, neither her or her husband Noah imagined it would be a quick process. After waiting for their babysitter to arrive to care for their 3-year-old son Harrison, they set off for hospital in the car, with Lauren's mother and Stephanie Knowles, their birth photographer of Jaiden Photography, following behind.

After making a wrong turn in the hospital site and ending up at the closed front entrance, Lauren told Noah to stop the car, just as he was trying to turn around. Speaking to Today, Noah said, "[Lauren] stopped me pretty adamantly and said, 'You have to put the car in park, you need to come over here and catch the baby.'"

Photographer Stephanie Knowles rushed over with her camera while Lauren's mother ran to alert hospital staff. Noah told Today, "Probably from the time I got out of my seat and got to the other side of the car, within two to three minutes, little Parker was birthed and sitting on Mum's lap, so they really had no chance to help."

Baby Noah Parker van Rhyn Strunk was born right there, with dad Noah catching him and placing him immediately onto Lauren. Born on February 22, he goes by his middle name of Parker - a nod to the way he entered the world.

Knowles posted the following image on her Facebook page saying, "Parker was born so fast that his dad had to literally catch him after his shoulders emerged."

She added, "What is so powerful to me is his mother, out of instinct, grabbed him by the arm after she delivered him. She doesn't even recall doing it. Women are SO INCREDIBLY strong mentally and physically! A week later and I am still in awe of her strength."

The dramatic chain of events produced some incredibly beautiful images of a start to life, ones that Stephanie and the Strunk family were proud to show the world.