'I thought the scale was broken!': mum welcomes 5.9kg baby

Baby Finn weighed in at 13 pounds (5.92 kg).
Baby Finn weighed in at 13 pounds (5.92 kg).  Photo: Tomy and Meghan Ames

Lauren Flaugher was prepared to have a big baby. Her first child had weighed in at 4.3kg three years ago, and she was told at her 20 week ultrasound that this baby would also be big.

She wasn't counting on a 5.9kg (13 pound) baby, however.

"The day before we had him, I had an appointment with the midwife and she guessed he would be 9-and-a-half, 10 pounds," the Missouri mum told Inside Edition. She had done all the preparation - "a lot of visualisations, a lot of positive affirmations" - and went into labour on May 2, her husband Joe beside her the whole way.

Photo: Lauren Flaugher/Facebook
Photo: Lauren Flaugher/Facebook 

After nine hours of drug-free labour and a further 20 minutes of pushing, baby Finn arrived healthy and thriving - but with one minor problem. The scales he was placed on only went to a maximum of 5.4kg. "I thought the scale was broken!" Lauren told People.

"She turned to me and said, 'this isn't going to work.' At first I thought maybe they were trying to joke with me," Flaugher said. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh, he must be enormous.'"

They produced a set of digital scales with a higher weight limit and Finn's weight was measured accurately at 5.9kg. Flaugher said, "I could not believe it when they said he weighed 13 pounds," she says. "I thought they had misread the scale, I kept thinking, 'This is not possible!' Joe thought the same thing."

Of the pushing stage she said, "When I was pushing he got a little stuck, so we did some different manoeuvres."

When Finn emerged, the midwives were unconcerned by his size as he suckled immediately and blood sugar levels were fine.

Lauren joked, "He decided he had to outdo his big sister."

Proud husband Joe took to Facebook on May 26 to honour the efforts of his wife.