Film stars ... Dylan and Rachel Falecki with their newborn daughter, Lucinda.

Film stars ... Dylan and Rachel Falecki with their newborn daughter, Lucinda.

When Rachel Falecki’s husband said he’d put the video of their daughter’s birth on YouTube, Rachel was, understandably, a little worried.

She’d known her husband, Dylan, had recorded the 14-hour labour, but didn’t know he’d used individual photos to create a 90-second time-lapse video of the event.

He surprised me with the next day. After I watched it, I was incredibly moved 

“He surprised me with the next day,” the Sydney mum says. “After I watched it, I was incredibly moved.”

Rachel wasn’t the only one impressed by the short film– friends and family loved it too. The video shows the couple over several hours, with occasional visits from Rachel's mum and sister, as Rachel laboured drug-free. Eventually she's given an epidural, and their daughter Lucinda then makes her way into the world.

The room then fills with well-wishers before emptying, leaving the new family alone together for the first time.  

The positive reaction to the video gave the Faleckis an idea: to make and produce labour videos for others.

“I’ve had many mums say they wish they had something similar to remember the first precious moments when their kids were born,” Rachel says. “You could say that our business was literally born out of the birth of our beautiful daughter, Lulu.”

Using their 15 years of commercial TV experience, the couple created Small Steps Cinematography, a service that creates specialised labour videos.

“The service we offer is very discreet. We basically set up the camera then leave the birth suite so the parents have complete privacy – unless they request we stay,” Rachel says.

It's a true family business: Rachel's brother, Adam Moses, edits the videos and puts them to music.

Women worried about the camera catching more than they bargained for needn’t worry. “We use whichever camera angle the woman is most comfortable with – over-the-shoulder or side angle is what we advise,” Rachel says.

Although the business is based in Sydney, the couple is looking into training others in state capitals around Australia.

“We’ve just completed another video last week and have several others booked,” Rachel says. “At the moment, we’re just hoping the word continues to spread.”

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