Midwife care

Midwife care

A homebirth is an option for low risk pregnancies, but it will still depend on how your pregnancy progresses, and any other medical and safety considerations.

Care for low risk women who would like to give birth at home is usually provided by independent midwives, however some obstetricians and GPs may also provide this service.

Independent midwives are often flexible with care arrangements, and some may visit you at your own home to conduct antenatal check-ups. An independent midwife will care for you during labour and delivery at home. Independent midwives have the same basic training as the midwives who practice in NSW hospitals, and are required to be listed on the nurses/midwives registration list.

Australia's fertility rate has dropped again, this time because of the GFC.

Pregnancy and birth

Independent midwives may have consolidated their training by practising with another independent midwife. Independent midwives are usually accredited to a teaching hospital or birthing centre so that if your pregnancy develops complications, the independent midwife is able to refer to the hospital or birthing centre to receive more specialised care. Some independent midwives also have an arrangement with private obstetricians.

Expense may be an obstacle with independent midwives, as Medicare does not cover you to be cared for by an independent midwife. Fortunately some health insurance companies do provide cover for this option. If your require more information about this option, you can contact The Australian College of Midwives.

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