Woman's baby name list mocked for its unique theme: 'Please nobody do this to their baby'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Naming a baby can be one of the most fraught parts of welcoming a new life to the world.

What if you inadvertently name your child something that could be turned into an insult, or use the name a close friend had earmarked?

Or later realise that it just does not suit your little protege? Or go with something that's just too unique so your child will have to spell it out for every new acquaintance?

None of these concerns have been a burden for one woman, however, who has produced a baby name list that has been widely panned.

Friends and family's thoughts on your desired baby names may be one thing, but sharing these with TikTok opens you up to a whole other realm - as user Isabelle Ciarrocchi has found since posting her list earlier this week.

If you were to read the list not knowing the baby's gender, they may read as very safe, if not slightly vanilla, choices. However, when Ciarrocchi revealed the list was for a girl, many people had questions.

While there's nothing new in unisex names or outlandish in breaking with gender stereotypes with a name - think Blake Lively or Reese Witherspoon, compiling an entire list themed in 'boy names, but for girls' has raised some eyebrows. 

The clip - which has been since viewed more than 1.7 million times, included the names Richard, Craig, Gilbert, Eugene, Otis, Bartholomew and Gregory set to photos of baby girls and toddlers. 


I seriously LOVE boy names for baby girls 🥰🥰🥰😍😍 ##GreenScreenScan ##babygirl ##cutebaby ##foryoupage

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Many users questioned whether the video was a joke.

"I can't tell if it's a joke," wrote one, "Please nobody do this to their baby," another said.

"After Richard I was like 'that's odd but I bet they get better', how naïve," joked another. 

Others said while the unisex trend was kind of cool, they took issue with her choices. 

"Lol! I'm over here expecting Peyton and I get Bartholomew," said one. 

"I wouldn't even name a boy these names," one argued.

"This at first put me on edge because I was like don't gender names, but then you hit me with Richard and I done died," shared one user.

However at least one user appeared to take some inspiration from the list.

"Thank you so much for the inspo I'm adding Gilbert to my girl name list," they wrote. 

Most popular baby names in Queensland 

It comes as the Queensland government yesterday released the most popular names for the state, declaring 'Charlotte and Oliver are the new David and Michelle'.

The names both topped the list for 2020 - Oliver for the eight year in a row. Other top girls names included Olivia, Isla, Amelia, Mia, Ava, Harper, Willow, Grace and Sophie.

While for boys, top picks were Noah, Jack, William, Henry, Theodore, Elijah, Leo, Thomas and Hudson. 

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Shannon Fentiman said the 2020 list also contained some surprises. 

"The year 2020 was also noteworthy for Maverick making its first entry into the top 100 boys' names since RBDM's reporting began in 1960, rocketing up the list from No. 169 in 2019 to No. 84 last year," Ms Fentiman said.

Other names to enter the top 100 were Luka - up to 95th from 154th, and Grabriel, up from 139 to 96.

Holly also jumped from number 139 for girls to sit at 79, Billie from 109 to 52 and Hallie from 137 to 88. 

However the title holders for the highest number of registrations in the state is Jason, which peaked at 1,017 boys in 1972 and Jessica, a name 805 girls born in 1990 share. 

Of the 59,914 births registered throughout 2020 in Queensland, there were more than 12,000 different first names recorded.  

The name to hold the record number of registrations in one year is 'Jason', with 1,017 boys given the popular name in 1972. Jason held the top spot for most popular baby name for three years (1971-73).

The most registrations in a single year for a female name was in 1990, when Jessica peaked with 805 registrations.