'This is how your child gets hurt': mother branded 'trashy' for giving baby acrylic nails

The mother was branded as 'trashy' for giving her baby fake nails
The mother was branded as 'trashy' for giving her baby fake nails Photo: Reddit

Opinions about whether or not it is acceptable to pierce a baby's ears are always divided, but the appropriateness of giving a baby acrylic nails is not a topic that often comes up - until now. 

A mother has been labelled "trashy" after giving her infant daughter heavily decorated fake nails.

A photo of the baby's hand with the bedazzled acrylics was posted to Reddit, under the subthread r/Trashy, where users were horrified at the length of the nails, which were almost as long as the child's fingers.

The image showed the mother holding out her infants' hand with 5 decorated acrylic nails, two covered in glitter, one in diamantes and one with Louis Vuitton logo.

Many of the parents on the site were horrified at the picture.

"This is how your child gets hurt" a concerned user wrote.

"Have this person never been around an infant before? The poke and prod every hole and orifice on their body!" another exclaimed. 

"I'm concerned this baby will poke her eye out," agreed another.

"So goddam trashy and sh---y and awful," a commenter declared.


Other users said they thought it was a bit of harmless fun, or 'quarantine boredom'.

"Looks like someone just having fun with their kid," one user pointed out.

"I bet the kid wanted those nails!" someone else wrote. "If I was a little kid I would have! And since they're press on the glue is not going to destroy their nails".

Other users on the thread said the image wasn't realistically representing the situation.

"I've seen this woman's account. They're literally sticky press on nails." The user wrote. "The makes them. They aren't hurting the baby and she most likely takes them off right after the picture is taken. Super cute," she continued.

"Why do people have to assume the worst and turn some light-hearted cute baby pictures into something awful."

"They're temporary press on nails," another person said. "Probably just for a silly pic if mum does nails."

"Ok, they do be looking kinda fresh though," one user joked.