People share the baby names that pop culture 'ruined' for them: 'Such a pretty name, but...'

Photo: Pop culture has ruined certain baby names. Getty Images
Photo: Pop culture has ruined certain baby names. Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

It's happened to us all: you fall in love with a baby name, you tell someone and their response is "oh, like from [insert pop culture reference here]."

Cue: the end of your love for said name.

Unfortunately, pop culture does influence the rise and fall of baby names. As they go in and out of fashion, the name's popularity is reflected in movies, films and songs as well.

For some people, the association isn't enough to deter them from using the name. For others, it's a hard no. 

One Reddit user wanted to know what names have been ruined for particular people due to the inevitable reference people will associate it with.

People responded with the names that they once loved, but unfortunately don't think they can use anymore. Take a look. 


"From 'Come On Eileen' by Dexys Midnight Runners, I mean...come on..."


"Because of Twilight. Was my top name for kid #2 and everyone said "oh like twilight?" So that sucked."



"Such a pretty name but I think you'd always been reminded of Harry Potter. Until all the millennials die out at least."


"I loved Gilmore Girls growing up, so even though Lorelei is kind of an innocuous name, most everyone in my life would be like "oh, as in Gilmore Girls?" So in that sense it is ruined for me"


"I'm hoping it loses the connection with the movie [Frozen] over time, but I was part of the target demographic at the time of release, and I love Disney movies so everyone would think I named a daughter after that, even though I love it separately."


"My sister's roommate is named Alexa, and it's annoying to even talk about her because my Amazon Alexa will keep perking up."


"The Handmaid's Tale"

"And Gossip Girl."

All the Kardashians

"Kendall is one of my favourite names, but I'm scared to use it because I don't want to face "Like Kendall Jenner?," a million times


"Astrid. Now Because of the office I always say it a---turd"


Ruined by The Police's song "Roxanne". Further ruined by Arizona Zervas' song of the same title.


"The song and the biblical reference."

The Twilight Series

"Twilight ruined 'Cullen' for me. It's my dad's name, and I have ALWAYS loved it and wanted to do it as an honour name in the middle... until Twilight happened and made it weird. Even if it may become less associated way in the future (who knows), I wasn't able to bring myself to do it."

"Jacob for this same reason. It's been on my list since I was young enough to play Barbies"

One Name Acts

"Madonna, Cher, Elvis. Those are the ones that immediately make me think of one person only (and I say this as someone who is friends with someone named Madonna! Still think of the singer first...)"

"Beyonce and Zendaya are similar, but I've never heard of the names before them, so its not really "ruined name" situation..."