Mum's desperate plea: 'My son hates me and I have no idea why'

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A new mum is at her wits' end, claiming her 16-month-old son "hates" her and she has no idea why.

The devastated woman posted in the Mumsnet forum, saying her son "loves DH (dear husband) more than anything in the world, loves the dogs [and] loves everyone on the planet except for me.

"If he's left alone in a room with me then he'll scream. He's done this literally since he was born. If I pick him up, then he'll scream. He won't take food or water or milk from me, ever."

She explained the situation is so bad, she had to express breastmilk as her son would only take a bottle from her husband.

The mum continued the heartbreaking post saying she doesn't even have a photo of her and her son together where he's not crying.

"It's not that he's overly attached to DH though, because he's perfectly fine at nursery or with his grandparents or even complete strangers," she wrote.

The woman said her son 'screams' when left alone with her.

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Continuing the post, the distressed mum listed other examples when her son has rejected her but has been fine "cuddling and playing" with other people.

"When he wakes up and starts to cry, if I go in then he'll look at me and pretend to be asleep, so I don't pick him up," she wrote.


"Some people have suggested it's because, as the mother, he sees me all day so takes me for granted but that can't be the case.

"From mid-March, DH was essentially furloughed so was with DS (dear son) more than I was. Now we're both back at work but I work five days each week and DH works three.

"I don't know what to do. I can't take him to the park or shops without DH (or someone else) because he screams the whole time. I've tried changing my perfume and deodorant and things like that, but it makes no difference.

"Everyone says he's the happiest little boy in the world and nursery think he's the easiest baby to look after - I'm the only person he hates."

Mumsnet users were sympathetic to the woman, many suggesting taking her son to a child psychologist.

"How distressing for you," one supportive fellow mum wrote. "Have you asked for any professional advice? I imagine a child psychologist would want to observe you interacting to assess the dynamics between you."

"Everyone I've spoken to has just dismissed it," the worried mum replied. "They've said it's normal for a child to have a favourite parent."

Other users said to make sure she looks after her own mental health, which some suggested could be playing a part in how she's perceiving the situation. 

"Please don't think it's anything you are doing wrong, you sound like an amazing caring mum," one mum responded, with another adding, "I think you need help, for your mental health and your baby."