Modern Family star opens up about fatherhood and plans for second baby

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is best known for playing Mitchell Pritchett on the hit sitcom, said life with a newborn was proving easier than he'd expected. 

The actor spoke with People about how he and husband Justin Mikita were adjusting to life with their three-month-old son Beckett Mercer, who they welcomed in July.

"He's been pretty amazing," he said, "People are asking if I'm getting enough sleep, and he's actually sleeping through the night. I guess my expectation was that he wouldn't be this easy — I feel like I'm waiting."

The couple, who married in 2013, said they had always planned to become parents and once Mikita started to approach 35 it felt like the right time.

"My husband's 10 years younger than me, so I sort of was waiting for his timeline to catch up with mine," he said.

As for parenting duties, the actor said they took a balanced and intuitive approach to sharing the load, describing it as an "unspoken" agreement.

"We can sense when the other one needs a break. It's been a very 50/50 thing. We don't really talk about it too much. It's just been very natural."


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The newborn bubble has left the pair open to having more children, with the actor sharing that if they did have another child, it would be soon.


"It's never too soon, I guess," he told People. "It feels like we're in the thick of it right now. The idea of starting the process again is a little intimidating. But, you know, if we want to do another one, I'm 45, so tick-tock — we gotta get this going if we're doing another one!"

He and Mikita regularly post sweet tributes to one another on social  media. In a recent anniversary post, Ferguson said both he and Beckett were lucky to have him in their lives.

"7 years ago today I married you. Two weeks ago I got to see you become a dad. We are entering a whole new chapter and I couldn't be happier to be doing it with you," he posted alongside a photo of  Mikita feeding their son.

It seems Ferguson has adjusted quickly to fatherhood. Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this year, he joked he had no idea how to look after a baby.

"I feel like, as an actor I'm used to taking notes and being collaborative. I do the same with my friends, I go 'I like that piece of advice, I'll take it'. Or, 'I don't like that piece of advice, I'm not going to take it'," he told Clarkson.

"I'm honestly welcome to any suggestions, because I have no idea what I'm doing. You're supposed to feed them regularly, right? I've heard that."